I went out into the Flinders with a lot of anger problems, confidence issues and a bad attitude. As the week progressed I learnt to appreciate and understand what the people at Operation Flinders were trying to teach us and why what I was doing back home was wrong. I started co-operating with my team members and giving instead of taking like I usually did.

When I returned home people were expecting me to fall back into my old ways, but I didn’t, I chose to remember some of the lessons I’d been taught and put them in place in my daily life. I learnt to control my anger, a task that I thought was beyond me. Operation Flinders helped me to change my ways for the better and the program set me on a new path in life. It showed me a different side of myself that I didn’t know existed and helped me realise some of my dreams and goals.


I thought each time we got to the top of a big mountain and looked back at what we accomplished it was really worth it. The long walks with the backpacks were hard but worth it in the end, I enjoyed the experience very much and the team leaders and support staff did an outstanding job.

It was an amazing experience and I still have so much more to learn. This trip was a great opportunity and I have gained so much knowledge from everyone around me. The leaders were great and supporting everyone and I loved working as a team.


Operation Flinders was my turning point. Before Operation Flinders I felt like I wasn’t good enough, I was angry and didn’t care for myself. Operation Flinders made me feel like I was worthy of success and released passion inside me to help others.

I loved the feeling of achievement, being in a team and learning.

From then on I never questioned my capabilities. I was the first person in my family to complete University. 20 years on I’m working as the Social Worker in my old high school planning my 6th walk. Operation Flinders is an experience like no other.


Before I participated on Operation Flinders I was socially and educational disengaged. I had almost no self confidence in myself and had never accomplished anything. I was totally disconnected from school.

Day by day on the walk I began to realise that I can accomplish things by applying myself. The Operation Flinders staff taught me set small goals and really helped me come out of my shell. After Operation Flinders I reconnected with school and my academic performance increased dramatically.

Operation Flinders taught me to see things through and gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my dreams.