Operation Flinders Foundation is a South Australian based charitable organisation that runs a world leading wilderness adventure program for young offenders and young people at risk. The program takes participants between the age of 14 and 18 years on an eight day exercise in the far northern Flinders Ranges, providing an opportunity for its participants to break away from their past and grow as valued members of the community.

The Foundation offers a unique program that presents its participants with a new direction in life. Teams trek 100km through the spectacular Flinders Ranges with the aim to develop personal attitudes of self esteem, leadership, motivation, team work and responsibility. They learn basic bush survival skills, are taught to abseil, discover Indigenous culture and learn of the rich history of the Flinders Ranges. Unlike other aspects of their lives, there is not an opportunity for the participants to 'opt out'.

Each team, of between 8 and 10, is led by a team leader skilled in navigation and bushcraft. The young participants live out and sleep on the ground, prepare their own food, navigate through the Flinders Ranges and learn the values of team work and respect.

In 2013-14 a comprehensive evaluation of the Operation Flinders program indicated that it is an intervention of change that can impact attitudinal, value and behavioural outcomes for at-risk youth, which translate to reduced criminogenic risk and positive educational engagement..

Award Winning Program
In 2008 Operation Flinders also honored as a winner at the Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Awards. The Foundation was one of only six projects out of 67 entries from around Australia, and the only South Australian entry, to win a national ACVP Award.

Why not view one of our transformation video clips (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2024kXdZtEo) to learn more about the impact of our program on the lives of young people at risk.



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