( behind the scenes )

Volunteers play a vital role in the success of the Foundation.  They are enthusiastic, committed and passionate about the program and bring with them a diverse mix of skills, knowledge and humour.

Operation Flinders has a group of volunteers who attend the Foundation's Edwardstown Office and Warehouse two days per week to assist with the preparation of stores, vehicles and equipment. The tasks to be done include, cleaning vehicles, delivering and collecting stores, packing rations, servicing vehicles etc. Most attend on a Tuesday and Thursday, however other times are suitable as long as arrangements are made with the Logistic Manager. A number of volunteers also apply to attend the Flinders Ranges to set-up and pull down the camp before each exercise. This requires the volunteer to be away from home for a period of up to 5 days.

During the year the Foundation asks the volunteers to assist with tasks including car parking at functions to raise funds, support at the Operation Flinders Challenge event and various other roles. The Foundation is forever grateful for the generosity and support of our volunteers and hosts a number of small get togethers throughout the year to say thank you.

To register your interest as an Operation Flinders volunteer please contact Operation Flinders via phone or email. You are welcome to email us a short resume to help us find the most suitable role for you. 

You are also welcome to apply via the Seek Volunteer Website by clinking on this link     


Mr Mark Thomas
Logistic Manager

Mob: 0427 767 107
Email: logistics@operationflinders.org


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