A common question is – how do I get my young person involved in an Operation Flinders Exercise? There are two ways in which they can become registered to go on Exercise.


The following outlines how:


Each year, up to 60 schools and agencies nominate to take part in an Exercise. These nominations take place in October for the following year of Exercises.

Once a school / agency has been allocated a position on an Exercise, it is up to the co-ordinator to select the young people who will participate.


My young person's school IS usually involved in Operation Flinders:

If your young persons school has previously taken part in Operation Flinders, we recommend speaking to the school staff to confirm if they have nominated a team for the year. If they have not, you can encourage the team to take part again. If the school is partaking in Exercise this year, it is usually up to the Year Level Coordinator or Counsellor to select who will be attending.


My young person's school ISN’T involved in Operation Flinders:

If the school has never been part of Operation Flinders, it is likely that they have at least heard of the program. We recommend reaching out to the school Principal, Year Level Coordinator or Counsellor and recommending they nominate for a team to be part of Operation Flinders


New to 2021, Operation Flinders will be accepting an ‘individual referral team’.

If you would like to register your interest, please contact Linda White at