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Explanation of Follow Up | Operation Flinders Foundation



Youth Development

The Youth Development program is for young people who have participated in an Operation Flinders exercise. Every team will have the opportunity to engage in a follow up activity within 3 months of returning from an exercise to ensure that the growth made on exercise, transfers to everyday life when returning home.


The Youth Development Manager will organise the group follow up day and certificate ceremony in conjunction with the school or agency that the young person has walked with.

The follow up dates are scheduled at the beginning of each year and occur approximately six weeks after each Exercise. Teams from each exercise will jointly attend a ceremony at the Operation Flinders headquarters to celebrate their achievement and undertake team-based activities.

For rural and remote teams alternative follow up dates can be selected and the Youth Development Manager will attend and facilitate the day on an individual teams basis.

Further information and to book the follow up day can be done “here”

The follow up is an integral part of the program. Getting the whole team together for an activity, provides not only an excellent opportunity to reflect upon the trip and celebrate what has been achieved, but also aids in consolidating the positive changes made both personally, and as a team while on exercise and upon return.

Team work, confidence building, reflection, prosocial learning and skill development underpin all follow up activities, such as rock climbing, kayaking, abseiling, ice skating and hiking. During the reunions, there is an opportunity to revisit the goals set on the last day of exercise. We can also work on new goals, using the SMART framework to assist young people in their future endeavours.

The certificate every person gets awarded does not just symbolise the completion of the tough mental and physical challenge of hiking 100km with a heavy pack in the Flinders Ranges, but is also worth 20 stage 1 SACE credits. This enables the young person to add this to their curriculum as additional points to assist in passing school.


During the follow up phase, a Youth Development Manager can assist with individual follow up in regards to mental health care for those experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, anger management issues etc. Please contact Operation Flinders if any ongoing support is required and the Youth Development Manager can assist in making referrals to relevant services.

Past participants are welcome to contact Operation Flinders Foundation for support and information about activities and services available in their local area to help them make, or maintain, positive changes after returning from our program. The Youth Development Manager can help with:

·         Sport and recreation activities

·         Art and cultural ideas

·         Strategies for controlling smoking and addiction

·         Finding and preparing yourself for apprenticeships/ traineeships, jobs or further education

·         Counselling and anger management

·         Leadership opportunities

·         Further involvement with Operation Flinders

We encourage participants or parents/caregivers to make contact with the Foundation on (08) 8245 2603 (office and diverts to mobile) with any questions or ideas on activities and services that can be accessed through Operation Flinders.

If you would like to submit a testimonial about positive directions that participants have taken after an Operation Flinders experience we welcome all contributions, and will post them on our website with permission. These can be emailed or posted to our office Attention: Youth Development.

To view current testimonials please click here.


Peer Group Mentors


The Youth Development Manager also facilitates the Peer Group Mentor (PGM) Program. This program offers future leadership opportunities through ongoing connection to the Foundation and outdoor focused, experiential learning opportunities.

This is a program for past participants who have been recommended by their Team Leader at the completion of their Exercise or who have self-nominated to take part. It is a voluntary program offered at no cost to the participants.


Peer Group Mentors (PGM's) are graduates of the Operation Flinders program. They are the bright light on top of a hill shining as beacons of possibility, personal growth, and hope. They have been identified as ready for another personal challenge, as a real team player, and is someone who is inspired to make a difference to others. These are young people who have responded to the team ethos of the Operation Flinders experience, and who have learned the thrill and satisfaction of physical adventure and have found the courage and mental toughness within, to relish the challenges.

Following further training provided by Operation Flinders, they have the opportunity to return to our wilderness program to help other 'first-timers' who are going through what they once did and to walk on another exercise. These are young people who have been willing to reach down and lift up others to help them achieve their goals.


The PGM is to act as a communication conduit between the team members and the Team Leader. They monitor team morale and individual performance potential, providing encouragement and support. The PGM participates in all team activities during the exercise.


Exercise participants are able to join the PGM Program either by being recommended by their Team Leader at the completion of the Exercise or by self-nominating directly to the Youth Development Manager at a later date.

PGMs are required to undertake a minimum of two training weekends which further consolidate skills learnt, before being deem ‘ready’ to return to the Flinders Rangers in the role of PGM and support others on an exercise as part of the leadership team.


During the training program (on weekends and during school holidays), a PGM will learn about leadership and being a role model through being assigned tasks, and in the process make new friends with pro-social young people, get up-skilled in bushcraft, learn about navigation, improve on communication skills, how to support other young people as a mentor, learn about team work and facilitating games, receive accredited first aid training, and have an option to acquire child safe environments training, if over 18.

From 2019 Operation Flinders ae also offering to PGMs the chance to complete a nationally accredited training course – Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation, which will form part of the overall training activities for PGMs across the year.

Follow the link “here” to view the current PGM Activity Calendar.

Training also includes activities such as mountain biking, parkour, hiking, surfing, abseiling, sailing and kayaking. Our fantastic adult leadership team consists of passionate people from a wide range of backgrounds bringing different skills sets to the table, suiting the group’s wide range of training activities engaged in. All leaders have previous experience as team leaders in our program.

For more information about the Youth Development Program including follow up days and the PGM program please contact the Youth Development Manager.

Email: youthdevelopment@operationflinders.org  

T: 08 8245 2603  F: 08 8245 2603


Peer Group Mentors at Operation Flinders Foundation

Peer Group Mentors

Peer Group Mentors at Operation Flinders Foundation

Peer Group Mentors


Youth Services | Operation Flinders Foundation

Youth Services

Youth Services | Operation Flinders Foundation

Youth Services


General Youth Services

Operation Flinders can provide individual and group follow up to young people who have attended our program, Please clink on this link to view our brochure of the services we can provide.

Adventure & Leadership opportunities

Adventure Services Camps for young people

Adventure services


Adventure activities and support services for young people in care

Create Foundation


Adventure activities and support services for young people who care for sick or disabled family members

Raw Energy


Self Development opportunities

Youth Opportunities


Counselling for individuals or families

Head Space


Someone to confidentially talk to about any problems

Reach Out


Youth Heath Information

Child & Youth Health


Training and Employment information

Maxima Group Training


If you would like to discuss any of these programs further, or you would like to submit a recommendation please contact Youth Development.

Leif Christensen - Youth Development Manager
New Directions Program

Level 1, 12 Angus Avenue, EDWARDSTOWN
T: 08 8245 2603
F: 08 8447 3445
Email: youthdevelopment@operationflinders.org