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Work / Volunteer - Field 'Exercise' Staff

So you’re interested in joining Operation Flinders on an exercise ("exercise" = 12 day program in the Flinders)?  Are you sure?

OK then, below is the process you need to complete.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the process or how you can fit in at the Operation Flinders Foundation.

There are two ways to get involved in the Field Work 'Exercises' of the Foundation.

1. Field Team Staff

This role is the one most frequently sought and involves walking with a group of young people for 8 days (but away for 10 days).

Assistant Team Leader applicants complete an Application Form, and National Police Check.

They are also required to complete a Psychometric Assessment and attend a short interview.

The interview panel consists of an experienced Team Leader, the Foundation's Honorary Psychologist, the Chief Executive Officer and a General Manager.

The applicant will be advised if he or she has passed the interview and then can nominate to attend an exercise in the Flinders Ranges.

If successful all Assistant Team Leaders are required to undergo a medical check by a Doctor and return a completed Operation Flinders medical report to the Chief Executive Officer prior to attending an exercise. 
Operation Flinders requires that field staff have been trained in Child Safe Environments (mandated reporting), Senior First Aid training and Non-Violent Crisis Intervention.

Training is provided for staff and volunteers for Child Safe Environment and Non-Violent Crisis Intervention but only the refresher/updates are provided by Operation Flinders for the Senior First Aid.

Please refer to the training section of our website or contact Operation Flinders here to find out about upcoming training events.

The applicant will then attend an initial exercise as a Assistant Team Leader and at the conclusion of the exercise a report will be completed by the Team Leader on the competence of the Assistant Team Leader and make recommendations. The Assistant Team Leader is invited to meet with the Chief Executive Officer to discuss the report. Generally Assistant Team Leaders complete two or three exercises before being considered competent to be able to be promoted to Team Leader.

A number of applicants decide that they do not wish to become a Team Leader and remain an Assistant Team Leader. This is also encouraged as senior Assistant Team Leaders are key personnel particularly in the role of supporting first trip Team Leaders.

2. Specialist Base Staff

Stand and Headquarters Staff.  Most Stand and Headquarters roles are specialist roles either requiring specific skills e.g. abseiling instructor certificate, ambulance officer, communications officer etc. Exercise Commanders and Operations Officers (OPSO) are selected from Senior Team Leaders who have completed a number of exercises and who have shown the ability to command the exercise. Exercise Commanders and Operations Officers are selected by the Chief Executive Officer with advice from other senior staff members. Applicants with significant  experience in a senior command position may be recruited directly into the OPSO role. The General Hand position at Headquarters is filled by a Volunteer Helper.

Directly recruited stand and headquarters staff are required to complete an Application Form, National Police Check, Medical Declaration and Next of Kin Form. Applicants are also required to complete a Psychometric Assessment along with mandated and first aid training. The applicant will then be interviewed by a panel consisting of an experienced Team Leader, the Foundation’s Honorary Psychologist, and the Chief Executive Officer. If the applicant satisfactorily passes this interview he or she will be invited to attend an exercise in the first instance in the OPSO role and then if considered competent promoted to Exercise Commander.


For more information on the roles of staff can be found on the drop down menu under “The Program”. To discuss the variety of roles available and your suitability for them, please contact Operations Flinders.

General Manager, Programs, People and Culture
Mrs Linda White

Mob: 0417 419 221


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