Access To The Program

Operation Flinders does not take individual referrals to the program. The young people who are generally referred to the program come from government or semi government agencies.



Teams come from the following sources:

Department for Education and Child Development

Behavioural Learning Centres

These centres are located throughout the metropolitan area and are staffed by teachers skilled in dealing with young people with behavioural problems. Young people who are presenting difficult behavioural problems in the conventional school system are referred to the centre generally for a school term of individual counselling and support. As part of the term program a team of ten young people attend an Operation Flinders Exercise. At least one team of young people from these centres attend each exercise. These teams are funded by the South Australian Government under an agreed contract.

School Teams

Secondary schools throughout South Australia are invited at the end of each year to nominate for a position on a field exercise for the following year. Schools are allocated a position which generally means either 10 places for a full team, or 5 places for half a team. Half team schools are then joined to make a complete team. The mix of schools is generally decided upon the geographical location of the schools and also the gender mix of participants. The actual team composition is decided by the school counsellor and not by the Foundation although advice and guidance as to the type of young people most likely to benefit from the program is provided. Upon a school being allocated a position on an exercise they are required to lodge a deposit of $27.50 per participant with the foundation. Should the school withdraw within four weeks of the commencement of the exercise the deposit is forfeited. Should the team attend the funding is used to purchase a T shirt, hat, set of dog tags and certificate of achievement for each young person. 

The school is expected to provide 2 counsellors/support staff to walk with a full team, or 1 counsellor/support staff to walk with half a team. As well as half the costs of the bus transport to and from Yankaninna Station and the cost of meals whilst travelling to and from the exercise site. The school is expected to ensure that all young participants have appropriate footwear and clothing. All camping equipment is provided by the Foundation. Each team member must have parent/carer approval to attend the program and must have undergone a medical check to ensure they are physically fit prior to attending the program.  Operation Flinders seeks sponsorship for these teams.

Families SA

Regional Office Teams

Families SA regional offices in both the metropolitan and country South Australia apply through their regional manager to place a team of young people on the program. Team places are allocated via an officer from that department. Enquiries about an application for a team should be made through this office. The South Australian Government funds these places under an agreed contract.

Community Justice Teams

Young people who have been given community obligations orders as part of a court imposed penalty or order are nominated to attend the program by the regional community justice teams. These teams are funded via Families SA and through the agreed South Australian Government.

Regional Chapter Teams

A number of metropolitan and regional areas of South Australia have in recent years set up community-based chapters to send young people on an Operation Flinders Exercise. Chapters have been set up at Playford and Gawler to the north of Adelaide, Barossa Valley, City of Onkparinga, Adelaide Hills, Pt Lincoln, Ceduna, Roxby Downs, Pt Augusta and Murray Bridge. The chapter is set up by a community group or service club. Often the local government authority in the area provides financial and in-kind support to assist the setting up of the chapter. The group fund the team of 10 young people to attend the program and support the identification of young people to attend.

Agency/School Information

If you feel that our program would benefit the students at your school, please contact the Operations and Logistics Manager to nominate your interest.

Please note that the cost of fielding a team of 10 young participants is approximately $15,000.  This funding is raised by the Foundation.  Should an organisation nominate a team they must follow through if accepted. A team withdrawing from The Exercise means a considerable loss to the Foundation and denies the opportunity for 10 young people to participant in the program from another school or agency.

After you have spoken to our Operations Manager you will receive an information kit in the post that will detail how the exercise is structured, the logistics involved and the costs associated with the program.  Please note that this doesn't guarantee your school a position on the program.

Once the Foundation has reviewed your schools application, you will either receive an acceptance letter to indicate that your nomination was successful or a standby letter, explaining that you are an emergency team, so if a school withdraws you can fill their place.

On responding to the acceptance letter you will be sent a number of forms that are associated with the program.  These forms are required to be completed within the designated time frame prior to the exercise.

Logistics Manager

Level 1, 12 Angus Avenue, EDWARDSTOWN
T: 08 8245 2605 F: 08 8447 3445

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